Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Year - 31st December - Happy New Year

Well this was a year long project and I have managed to complete it. I have 2 journal books full of all the journalling and photos that I have been putting on my blog. I hope these will be really interesting to look back on in a few years time. Thanks for bearing with me when my entries got a bit behind. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and I hope it brings you all everything that you wish for!!!

My Year - 30th December - Crafting Supplies

I have been so wrapped up in digi scrapping, that I cannot remember when I last bought any real life stash. So I treated myself to a little trip to Hobbycraft in my lunchbreak and bought some goodies, plus I have got two on-line orders on their way! Ooops!!!!
Well I gotta fill my new craft room up haven’t I?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Year - 29th December - Crafting Frenzy

I was 10 weeks behind on SLYMI and 3 months behind my 12 months review project. My craft stash has been inaccessible for one reason or another but now I have my new room, I have done 9 of the 10 SLYMI’s and 2 of the 3 mini books.

My Year - 28th December - Peppa Pig

Zoe loves Peppa Pig and has lots of the merchandise such as vests, pyjamas, bed spread, countless DVDs. This Christmas my brother bought her a talking teddy Peppa Pig – it is about half the height of Zoe and she loves it. I keep hearing it talking – it is quite disconcerting.

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Year - 27th December - Bouncy Bouncy

The trampoline is easily Zoe's best Christmas present. Although it has rained overnight, she was desperate to get out and play on it today. So we dried it off as best we could, wrapped her up nice and warm and off she went to bounce. I tooks loads of photos of her from above out of our bedroom window.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Year - 26th December - A Family Day

As we spent Christmas Day by ourselves, we had my Mum, my brother and his wife round for a Christmas dinner today. The dinner came out perfect – the roast potatoes were so crunchy. Zoe had more presents. It was a lovely day – nice and relaxing. The only thing is we are now all fighting off colds so we all had early nights.

My Year - 25th December - Christmas Day Fun

What a lovely day we have had. Zoe has had lots of lovely presents – the best being a big dolls house and a trampoline. The sun was shining so we all wrapped up and went outside to build it. Four hours later and it was done. Just in time for Grandma and Grandad to see it. Zoe absolutely loves it.

My Year - 24th December - Wildlife Photography

We get lots of birds in our garden and so had asked for a tripod for my camera. That way I could set my camera up in the kitchen with the patio doors open so I could take photos of them feeding. Ofcourse, by the time I had got it set up, all the birds had flown away and then it started to rain. I did manage to get this little robin - albeit totally out of focus!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Year - 23rd December - Snow Queen Palace

My mum and brother came over to give Zoe her birthday presents. Nannie got her this lovely Snow Queen palace with figures and unicorns. It took a bit of building but Zoe loves it.

My Year - 22nd December - Very Cold

Britain has been gripped for the last few days with snow and ice. Unfortunately we haven’t had any snow but we have had the icy temperatures and rain and so our patio is like an ice rink. There have been lots of accidents and even fatalities due to the bad weather. So sad for the families concerned so close to Christmas. This was the scene out of the patio doors this morning.

My Year - 21st December - Craft Room Complete

This is everything I have wanted for a few years now. For so long I have crafted on the dining table and had to tidy away after each session – never being able to see my stash properly and just a total feeling of disorganisation. Well no more – I have my very craft room – thanks to my darling husband.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Year - 20th December - Birthday Party

Today was Zoe’s party. It was at Alice in Wonderland play park. She had a great time playing with her friends. We opened her party presents when we got home. Her favourite present was a Fifi keyboard and microphone. We didn’t have any batteries so we nipped to the shop in the dark and then she sang her heart out to the Fifi theme tune. Perhaps she will be the next Elton John

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Year - 19th December - Lounge is done

The lounge is officially finished now. The sofas were delivered yesterday, we found the perfect rug and everything is in place. The house is really beginning to feel like home. At one point I wondered if we had got the right house, but now as we are getting straighter, I think we will be very, very happy here.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Year - 18th December - Happy Birthday

Today I could write about so much. It is Zoe’s birthday, she had her nursery nativity play at the Wimborne Minster church and she has had a great day. Our fab new sofas were delivered, we got a new rug and now our lounge is finished. It feels so cosy now. And finally as I write this, James is building my Expedits.

My Year - 17th December - Ikea Trip

Poor James. I am so impatient. I managed to convince him to drive to Southampton tonight to go to Ikea so that we could get my Expedits for my craft room. I really want to get my room straight whilst I am off for Christmas and catch up with the 10 weeks of SLYMI that I am behind on.

My Year - 16th December - More Decs

I put all the decorations up at the weekend but only really put the tree up. Today I decided that the house was not looking christmassy enough so I put a wreath on the front door, the garland on the table in the hall and lights round the lounge windows – there much better now!

My Year - 15th December - Ensuite

When we moved in, Zoe’s ensuite had not been finished – it had never been tiled so it was unusable. We have had it tiled this week and it is looking fab. We have chosen really basic white slightly rippled tiles and then splashed out on expensive glass dichroic border tiles – in a silvery cerise pink – just perfect for a little girl.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Year - 14th December - Grumpy at 40

My brother was 40 during the week and we all went out for lunch yesterday. I asked if he felt any different – and he said no but he was going to be a grumpy old man now.
I think this face says it all!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Year - 13th December - Santa Visit

We have had our nephew Connor to stay over the weekend and so this morning we went to Poole Park to see Father Christmas. We had a ride on the train, fed the reindeer and then went into see Father Christmas. The kids loved it. They have been so good all weekend that I thought they deserved the little treat. They had these photo boards outside – this is my favourite photo.

My Year - 12th Dcember - Craft Room Update

Today is the day when we went into DIY overload. The cupboards needed fixing back, the worktop fixing to the units and then hang the doors and put on the handles. All done and it is fabulous - my darling husband really is the best.
I want some Expedit units too yet but they will have to wait for a while. I have managed to put all my stash in the room but none of it is sorted or put into the right places.
Now comes the fun part!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Year - 11th December - Biker Boots

Zoe’s feet don’t seem to have grown much in the last year and so she is still wearing last year’s winter boots. Today we went to a new Next that has just opened and I saw these cool boots. They had them in pink and in brown. Zoe wanted the pink ones and I wanted the brown ones. For once I won that battle. I also bought her a funky denim skirt to go with the boots.

My Year - 10th December - New Stool

Well my craft room is coming together nicely now. But before we fix the cupboard units and the worktop back to the walls, I just want to make sure that it is not too high. My workspace will not be normal desk height as it is sat on kitchen base units. So I went to The Range in my lunchtime today and bought a bar stool for the bargain price of £40. It has a gas lift so it is height adjustable. Just perfect.

My Year - 9th December - Yay Worktop

Some may think that I am sad but this is the best thing that James has ever bought me. I have dreamt of having a craft room for years and now it is becoming a reality. Getting the worktop means that the cupboard units can be fixed back to the walls at the weekend and then I can start kitting it out. I will be in for Christmas.

My Year - 8th December - Morning Sunrise

After days of waking up to rain and more rain, today we woke up to this beautiful sunrise. I love the way the red is shining through the clouds. I just had to take a photo of it as it made such a change to have no rain.
Of course it ended up raining later.

My Year - 7th December - Card Writing

Tonight I started writing the Christmas cards. I have bought 30 stamps and am trying to get all the cards that need posting written tonight. I have put in change of address cards too. I have written Happy Birthday in at least 2 cards – must be going mad!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Year - 6th December - Burn Baby Burn

We have unpacked most of the boxes now and James has been up the garden tonight burning some more of the cardboard. He is so desperate to get his garage clear and our council do not recycle the cardboard – so this is the only way of getting rid of it.
He is turning into a real pyromaniac.

My Year - 5th December - Public Outcry

There has been a huge public outcry in Poole over the Christmas Tree that was put up in the square. The council declared a real tree as a health and saftey issue and so put up this fake 33ft conical tree covered in lights and astroturf costing £14,000. However so many people have complained about it and someone has even vandalised it, that it is now going to be taken down and replaced with - yes a real tree.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Year - 4th December - Brrr It's Winter

We woke up this morning to a frosty view of the bedroom window. The bird bath was frozen and this is the frosty garage roof. I had to walk Zoe to pre-school so we both wrapped up warm in our coats, scarves and gloves. We were lovely and snuggly warm.

My Year - 3rd December - Molly Moo

Since the move Molly has changed totally. From being a cat that loved to be outdoors all the time, she has now become a really cuddly home loving cat. You have to physically throw out the door to get her to go outside. Her favourite place to sleep is at the top of the stairs on the landing.

My Year - 2nd December - Sticker Chart

Zoe’s behaviour seems to have gone a bit haywire the last couple of weeks, so we have had to resurrect an updated version of her sticker chart. It seems to be doing the trick though as she has calmed right down and now does as she is asked – well most of the time!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Year - 1st December - Advent Calendar

I made this advent calendar last year for Zoe and want her to use it every year. When she is grown up I want her to remember the calendar she had every year and maybe even use it for her children. This year it is full of Cadbury’s chocolate coins.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Year - 30th November - I love him

James is such an angel. Yesterday he painted all my craft room and tonight he has come home from work and built the cupboard units to go in there. I am getting very excited to have my very own craft room and it is going to look fab – all gloss white and black. Watch this space for more updates.

My Year - 29th November - Another New Toy

James decided that he needed a new strimmer to go with his new lawn mower, so off he went early to B&Q to get one.
He was hoping to have a play in the garden with the mower and the strimmer but it is raining so hard that he couldn’t. He was so disappointed. He did manage to have a quick go between the showers. Still I found him some other jobs to do – paint my new craft room.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some piccies of the house

These are all photos of the first day in the house so no furniture except for one of the photos.
Kitchen:The range cooker
T'other end of kitchen - doors onto back garden
The lounge - top end
The other end of the lounge

The hallway - looking down towards the kitchen (left) and lounge (right)

Hallway - looking towards the front door with TV room on the left. The doorway on the right is my craft room (or will be soon!)

Hallway with furniture in now

The hallway looking up the stairs

The main bathroom

Back Garden

My Year - 28th November - Friend's Lunch

A couple of times a year, we get together with James’ old school friends. We all have kids now so it is nice for them together. Rock is Zoe’s godfather and this is his oldest son Ollie and Zoe playing together. It was nice to have a day off of sorting the house out.

My Year - Daddy's New Toy

James’ other Christmas present was from his mum and dad and is a new petrol lawn mower. The garden is 120 ft long at the new house and our old Flymo wouldn’t be up to the job. He has been like a kid with a new toy waiting for this to come today.

My Year - 26th November - Anthurium

Whilst sat in Haskins restaurant last week, I spotted these great plants and thought how great one would look in our hallway on the oak table – and how right I was!! Plus they look quite Christmassy.