Friday, August 28, 2009

My Year - 28th August - Butterflies

Whilst staying at Joe's, I managed to sneak off for an hour or so to the Living World which is a tropical rain forest setting with various creatures and butterflies. I really wanted to have a good play with my macro lens. Unfortunately I only saw 3 butterflies, but I was pretty pleased with the photos.

My Year - 27th August - A Rugby Star

We are staying up at Uncle Joe's for a couple of days and today we went out for a picnic. We took some balls and things to keep the kids amused. Zoe particularly liked the rugby ball. Uncle Joe was very good at rugby as a youngster so maybe Zoe is following in his footsteps.

My Year - 26th August - Old Friends

Today we met up with Zoe's beloved Herbie. He used to go to nursery with Zoe but moved away to Hereford when his mummy got a new job. We all went to Moors Valley and played. It started to rain so we ended up back at Edith's and then onto Josh's for tea. A great day and it was lovely for the mum's to all catch up.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Year - 25th August - Upset Tummy

I have woken up with a really upset tummy this morning. It is either the iron tablets or as a result of the meal out I had last night. Either way a good dose of Immodium will quickly resolve it.

My Year - 24th August - Hospital Referral

Today I got a letter from my doctor's surgery with instructions on how to phone the hospital to make my own referral appointment. I have an account number and a password to use. I wonder if this will speed up the process of getting an appointment?

My Year - 23rd August - Pimms

Today we went to the New Forest for lunch. We like to go to the White Buck Inn at Burley. I went to the bar and saw a bowl of fruit and that made me fancy a Pimms - well actually 3. A lovely summery drink.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Year - 22nd August - More Books

Our house is becoming a fire hazard what with all the books we have in it. Zoe is just totally addicted to books and is not content with the full collection of Little Miss books, but now has started collecting the Mr Men books too.

My Year - 21st August - Anaemic

I went back to the doctors to get the results of my second blood test and to try and find out the cause of my headaches and dizziness. I was told that my iron levels are low and that I am slightly anaemic. I have to take iron supplements and she is going to refer me to the hospital for futher tests about the headaches.

My Year - 20th August - Funny Tomato

James' Dad gave us some of his homegrown tomatos and when I emptied the bag to wash them, this one caught my eye and I just knew that it had to be my photo of the day - it is obviously a male tomato - it tasted very yummy though.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Year - 19th August - When can I have one of these?

When we first put the offer in for our house, I excitedly got the Ikea catalogue out to plan what I was going to have in my craft room. Two months later we are no further forward on the house and I am still dreamily looking through the Ikea book.

My Year - 18th August - Scrummy Stash

I had to go and collect my monthly subscription scrap kit from Totalpaper Crafts - it is full of scrummy stash this month - look at these lovely brads and elements - I can't wait to use this kit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Year - 17th August - Hula Hoop Girl

After eating a picnic lunch in the garden I snapped this photo of Zoe doing her favourite thing with Hula Hoops. She likes to put them on her fingers and wave them around and them munch them off again.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Year - 16th August - Spider

Whilst sat out in the garden enjoying the sunshine, we spotted this little fella also soaking up the sunshine. I just had to put my new lens to good use again. No small bug will ever be safe again!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scrap Like You Mean It - Week 33 - Scrap a square within a square

This week Shimelle's challenge is to scrap a square in a square - Shimelle said to take a piece of cardstock or paper that is the same shape as the finished layout format but smaller. Scrap the layout onto that and then add it to the normal sized layout.
Here is my layout. I have used scraps from an old Total Papercrafts kit.

My Year - 15th August - Zoe's Haircut

Zoe usually gets her hair cut at Emma's when Daddy goes for his, but Emma has recently had a baby and so Daddy has been going to the barbers. I couldn't hold off anymore and booked her into my hairdressers. I bribed her with a book if she was good and expecting the worst, I was very pleasantly surprised when she sat as good as gold whilst having her hair cut.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Year - 14th August - Kids Day Out

Today we went to Moors Valley with Edith and Joshua from nursery. Zoe was a bit grumpy at first but soon cheered up after the picnic. Only problem was that she tripped over a tree stump and grazed her elbow. She cried for ages but a strawberry ice cream made her feel better. We ended up at Edith's in the paddling pool and playing on the trampoline.

My Year - 13th August - Camera Bag

I treated my camera to a new bag so that I can keep the camera and all my lenses together in one bag. It is a bit bulky but is a ruck sack style so it is easy to carry. Everything fits very snuggly inside - each lens has it's own padded section and there are lots of other little pockets for extra bits when I am out on a photoshoot.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Year - 12th August - Lens Practice

Seeing as my macro lens was very expensive I want to make sure I use it lots. Yesterday at the farm, there were lots of butterflies and bees. I got this great shot of a bumble bee - I never realised that they were quite so furry.

My Year - 11th August - Day out

Today we had a lovely day out with Alli and her boys to Cholderton Charlie's Farm near Salisbury. The sun was shining and all the kids had a great time. We ended the day with an ice cream and then a bounce on the bouncy castle. This is Alli, Liam and Zoe. Alli did get bundled!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mammoth Craft Session

Today I have done lots of crafting. Since I have got addicted to digi, my real life scrapping has fallen by the wayside quite a bit and I was behind on a few projects. So here it is - my big catch up:
SLYMI Wk 30 - Independence
SLYMI Wk 31 - New
SLYMI Wk 32 - Write in white
12 Months in Review - June Mini Book
12 Months in Review - July Mini Book
Second Journal for My Photo A Day project

My Year - 10th August - Week Off

I have all this week off to myself - what sheer and utter bliss. Zoe and I have some days out planned but I am also going to have a couple of days just for me too. Shame the sun has disappeared. My photo is from yesterday. Zoe was having a cuddle with her Daddy in the beautiful sunshine. They look so peaceful.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Year - 9th August - New Lens

Yesterday my darling hubbie bought me a fab new macro lens for my camera. I really am a very lucky lady. So today we went to Upton Country Park armed with picnic, camera and new lens. This is a photo of a butterfly that I found in the walled garden. This lens is fab, fab, fab!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Year - 8th August - Zoe's Weight

Zoe never seems to grow or gain any weight. She is 3 and a half now and she has only just stopped wearing 18 months to 24 months clothes. I weighed myself this morning and there is no way I am publishing my weight as I still trying to get it back down again but to my amazement Zoe has put some on. She is now 2 stone 4 lb.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Year - 7th August - New Printer

My old printer packed up for good yesterday. The print quality has been rubbish for ages now and so I thought it was about time for a new printer. This one had a hundred pounds off so a bit of a bargain. It prints great photos. I am very pleased with it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Year - 6th August - Rain, rain go away

Bearing in mind it is August, you would expect lovely sunshine and blue skies. But no – true to the british weather it is cold and pouring with rain and has done so for most of the day.

My Year - 5th August - Blood Test

Today I have been to the doctors to have a blood test to determine why my blood pressure is so low. I went to see him becuase of my headache that has lasted over a week and he found that I have low blood pressure and he doesn’t know why – hence the blood test.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Year - 4th August - Blogger Award

Today I have been awarded a Beautiful Blogger award from Bernie. She is a digi buddy of mine. We started out doing digi at about the same time and have both become highly addicted to digi scrapping. Check out her blog here - she does some fabby digi layouts. Thanks for the lovely comments Bernie - I feel very honoured!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Year - 3rd August - Space Hopper

Yesterday at Connor's party I had great fun bouncing around on a space hopper. I never managed to play on these as a child as I was never big enough to get on one. Now I am tall enough but probably a bit too fat - but I still had great fun. I only fell off twice.

My Year - 2nd August - Birthday Boy

Today we went to Newbury to go to Connor's fifth birthday party. The party was in a sports centre with lots of trikes, slides and a bouncy castle. Connor's mum made a great rocket birthday cake and Connor really struggled to blow the candles out.

My Year - 1st August - Scrapbook Trends

I love this magazine. It has lots of brilliant layouts for inspiration and hardly any adverts. I like to buy it and then go to Costas for a cup of tea, slice of cake and a lovely flick through.