Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bert the Bearded Dragon

We have really agonised over whether to get a Bearded Dragon and we succumbed a couple of weeks ago. He is a Florida  Orange male and about 4-5 months old. I would say he is about 10 inches long. He will reach about 22 inches when he is fully grown. He is so fab!!! These photos don't really do him justice colourwise! He is rally quite orange!
 This is Bert eating some mealworms!

 This photo shows him off a bit better!
I took this one today! Isn't he cute?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

UK Scrappers WC June Week 3

This week's challenge was set by Jules. She challenged us to:

For 10 points please use a Patterned Paper with either a delicate feel or a very strong feel
For another 10 points...Tinks is very quirky and reflect this please use a cluster of embellishments that reflect your own style.
For 5 points...Tinks' favourite colour is navy so please include blue on your LO
For 5 points...Tinks' hair is starting to go curly so please use a swirl somewhere on your page.

I have used Dawn Inskip's Fun Fair digi kit.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

BHF 66 Mile Bike Ride

Today I rode 66 miles in 4 hours 43 minutes and raised £666.20 for the British Heart Foundation. I am so chuffed with myself as I rode it an hour quicker than I thought I would. Poor James didn't have the best of Fathers Day's as he was on photography duty and was driving around trying to get some piccies.

 At the start of the day. The sun was shining and I was feeling very apprehensive as I have never taken part in a bike ride like this before.
 I met up with Andy Petty and his friend Ben!
 This is coming out of Holt just before going over the cattle grid! Don't look at my fat middle!
 Not sure where this was - bit blurry! Must have been going so fast!
 I did most of the second half of the ride with Andy and Ben, although we did lose Ben just after Witchampton!
And here is me at the end with my medal! I got really emotional as I went over the line. I was so pleased with my pace and my ride time. Two weeks is the Macmillan ride which is 60 miles.

I also thought I would post up a photo of Zoe who lost both her top front teeth on Tuesday.

Monday, June 4, 2012

UK Scrappers WC June Week 1

This week's challenge was set by Scrap Dolly as a last minute step in. She challenged us to use at least 2 photos, use a red, white and blue theme and some proper journalling.
I used a Dawn Inskip digital template from her Finishing Touches series and also her Fever Pitch kit.