Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Year - 24th October - Poorly Princess

Well from a grumpy princess to a poorly princess. Zoe has got another cold and really is very poorly. She has had us up again in the night coughing and crying. So we have had a quiet day indoors and I have made sure she has had plenty of rest, sleep and cuddles. I hate it when she is like this as I feel so helpless.

My Year - 23rd October - WE HAVE EXCHANGED

This is the best news we have had all year. We finally exchanged on our new home today. We will be completing on the 13th November as the sellers are struggling to rent somewhere before their new house is ready. It is disappointing to have to wait 3 weeks to complete, but at least we know the house is ours!! The solicitor gave us the plans for the renovation that has been done to it.

My Year - 22nd October - Grumpy Princess

This morning I told Zoe that it was her friend, Edith's, birthday today in the hope that she would get up and dressed quickly. Unfortunately she misunderstood me and thought that I meant that it was Edith's party today. She got very grumpy when I said the party wasn't today. She wanted to wear her princess tiara to school regardless.

My Year - 21st October - Moving Card

In the hope that we exchange this Friday, I have done a digi moving card that I will print out to post to family or friends or e-mail the jpeg image. I have used the absolutely stunning Party at Magic Valley by Magical Reality Designs. On the paper scroll will be our new address but I have taken off for my blog purposes.

My Year - 20th October - Unicorn

Perhaps Zoe's love for Teddy is waning as she seems to be getting more and more attached to this unicorn. She has had this unicorn since she was born and it has been in a toybox until recently. I think she loves it because it is purple and sparkly. I hope Teddy does not feel too unloved.

My Year - 19th October - A Day in Bed

I had to laugh at this. Teddy normally goes everywhere with Zoe but today, she decided that he could stay at home. She called me into her bedroom and she had tucked him into bed and told him to go sleep. He did as he was told as he was still there when we got home that evening.

My Year - 18th October - Time to Scrap

James wanted to watch a bike race in the New Forest and he offered to take Zoe with him so that I could have some scrapping time to myself. What a treat!!! I managed to get myself back up to date with SLYMI.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Year - 17th October - Jelly Making

Zoe wanted to make jelly today, so we got some lime jelly and some blackcurrant too. We found all the jelly moulds. She broke up the cubes for me and got all sticky. She really enjoys cooking. Mind you she enjoys eating it more.

My Year - 16th October - Mini Book Morning

I dropped Zoe to pre-school this morning and came home to have a morning of crafting. I don't seem to have much paper mojo lately as I am really into digi scrapping but I am quite behind in some year long projects. I managed to make 2 mini star books for my 12 months in review project. I am now up to date with this project. Just 2 SLYMI's to do then I am totally up to date.

My Year - 15th October - School Visit

Today we went to an open day at Sturminster Marshall First School which will be Zoe's school next September. It is a lovely village school with an outstanding OFSTED report. The head mistress gave us a talk about the school and what to expect next year. Then we were shown round by two year 4 pupils. They certainly love their school.

My Year - 14th October - Sort Out

Hopefully it should only be a couple of weeks before we move, so I have started to sort cupboards out and chuck out all the old or unwanted things. The kitchen cupboards were full of things that were out of date. I am ashamed to say I filled up the whole swing bin with out of date food. But the cupboards are lovely and tidy now.

My Year - 13th October - Lovely Weather

We are having lovely weather at the moment. It is great to get the washing out on the line - it always smells so much nicer. I wonder how many more times I will get the washing outside this year? The weather is meant to be turning next week.

My Year - 12th October - Bad Weight

I have decided to photo my weight as I have been slowing putting it back again and I need to be accountable to try and lose the half a stone. It seemed to fall off so easily before, but then it has gone on again easily. So watch this space to see if I can get down to 9 stone 9lb.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Year - 11th October - Drawing

This is the first time Zoe has drawn something that is actually recognisable so I had to take a photo of it. A lovely huge smiley face.

My Year - 10th October - New Sofas

We have been a bit naughty today and ordered new sofas for the new house. SCS do something called Home Buyers which means that you can order furniture, be put into the production queue but still have the right to cancel your order if your house purchase falls through. We are in a dilemma, where we want delivery before Christmas and so we needed to order them today to guarantee the timescales. So we risked it and ordered them.

My Year - 9th October - Dentist

Zoe and I had the dentist today. I had a good clean and Zoe got a sticker for being a good girl. No more threament required but he did say I was getting a build up of plaque so I have treated myself to a new toothbrush as my other electric one is really on it’s last legs – this was half price in Tesco.

My Year - 8th October - Autumn is here

We have been so lucky with the weather in September, but it is definitley Autumn now. We have had dark and cold mornings, it is raining alot and the trees are changing colour and dropping their leaves.

My Year - 7th October - Fuschia

More garden photos - we have lots of Fuschias in our garden and they are about the only thing still in flower. This one is my favourite. It is called Lady Boothby

My Year - 6th October - Acer

Continuing on with the garden photos, this lovely Acer tree was already in when we moved in. In the Autumn it changes into the most beautiful reds and oranges. It hasn't got to that stage yet but hopefully it will do it before we move so I can get another photo of it in all it's glory.

My Year - 5th October - Grass

I am struggling for inspiration for my photos and so I thought that seeing as we will be moving soon, it would be good to take photos around the garden. This a beautiful grass that has really out beautiful this summer. Would love to take this with us.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Year - 4th October - Slapped Face

Last night Zoe went to bed but then woke up at about 11pm coughing and crying. This went on all night. After trying lots of different things - Calpol, asthma puff, cough mixture, we ended up with her in our bed and James stayed with her and I slept in her bed. I took her to the chemist this morning and he advised taking her to the doctors. It turns out she has Parvo virus or Slapped Cheek. She has slept all afternoon.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Year - 3rd October - Little Monkies

Zoe was invited to Emily and Maddie's princess birthday party today. Zoe has known the twins since she started nursery almost 3 years ago. Zoe and Emily are very close and can be right little monkies when they get together and then poor Maddie doesn't really get a look in.

My Year - 3rd October - Covenance

Back to daily photos now that Learn Something New is finished.

Today we received a copy of the Contracts Pack for the house we are buying and our solicitor pointed out the Covenance that exists and that we need to read and understand it. Trouble is, it was written in 1939 in very old fashioned writing - it has taken me ages to decipher it and I am still not I have got it correct.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

LSNED Day 30

Well this is the end of the Learn Something New Everyday project. This is my summary page. Think I will miss doing this every day.