Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Year - 30th June - Rain, rain, go away

Well our supposed heat wave lasted one day. I decided to put the washing out on the line before I went to work this morning but by lunchtime it was pouring with rain and I have had to rewash it all.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Year - 29th June - A Scorcher

They have forecast a heatwave for the week. It has been glorious today - not that I get to see it whilst I am at work. The flat is so hot where it has been shut up all day. Even with the windows all wide open, there doesn't seem to be any breeze. Luckily we have a fan light in our bedroom which keeps us cool at night.

Scrap Like You Mean It - Week 26 - Scrap with Stickers

This week we were challenged to use stickers. I have packed most of my craft stuff into the loft until we move, so had to go ferreting around up there to find some stickers. I found some Papermania flower stickers and somebutterflies.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Year - 28th June - I-Pig

I saw this the other day in HMV and knew that I just had to have one! It is a docking station and speakers for my Iphone. It will look fab in my new craft room once we have moved – sitting on top of the new Expedit furniture that I will be having in there.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Year - 27th June - Sunset at Sandbanks

Tonight we had fish and chips down at Sandbanks. It was a gloriously warm and balmy evening. Lots of speedboats and jet skis whizzing pass. It is one of our favourite things to do in the summer. Sitting down at the ferry watching the world go by.

My Year - 26th June - Little Monkeys

We went to Zoe's little friends Edith's house to celebrate baby Darcie's birthday. Joshua from nursery was there too. The children all had lots of fun chasing each around, playing on the trampoline and just being little monkeys. It all gone quiet and I found Edith and Zoe in bed - giggling.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Year - 25th June - Cool Tools

I bought this Basic Grey File Set on Friday for the mini book class at our retreat. What a godsend!
I have spent this morning filing the paper round the scalloped edges of each page. My hands are killing me now with cramp - but I couldn't have done it without these cool tools! I hope my mini book looks as good as the instructors once it is complete!

My Year - 24th June - Form filling

As part of the house move and changing mortgage etc, we are taking out all sorts of insurances. James is hopeless at filling out forms and so as secretary for the family it is my job to do them. I have 3 to do - they are for critical illness and life assurance. It is so tedious.

My Year - 23rd June - At last

I keep seeing this little flower in the garden but whenever I remember to photograph it, it has closed up for the day. Today I managed to snap it during the day so it was open. Isn't it beautiful? I don't have a clue what it is - as with most plants and flowers in the garden

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Year - Catch up from weekend

This weekend I went to the New Forest on a scrapping retreat so here is my catch up from the weekend.
Friday 19th June - Best Behaviour
Today was the first day of the second 365 reunion in the New Forest. James took me to Lyndhurst where we all met up for lunch. I couldn’t believe how well behaved Zoe was – she ate a huge plate of spag bol and garlic bread. James and her certainly charmed my 365 buddies.
Saturday 20th June - Champagne
We all had a drink of champagne late afternoon to celebrate Shirley and Alli’s birthday. We all got a bit tipsy and played Pauline’s game. We had so much fun. Then we nicked Kath’s camera and her hedgehog toys and took lots of silly photos of them. We then surprised Kath with a slide show of them and gave a her a mini book of the photos.

Sunday - 21st June - The 365'ers

This is the 365 group. I have been speaking to this group of girls for the last 18 months and I feel like I know them all so well.
I hope to think that we will be friends for a very long time.

Monday - 22nd June - Happy Birthday Shirley

This was the last day of our retreat and it was Shirley's birthday. Here is the cake that she bought - we ate most of it on the Saturday. James was treated to the last slice when he came to collect me.

Monday, June 22, 2009

365 Retreat Part 2

I have been away on a weekend retreat with my 365 buddies. This is our second full retreat and we all had so much fun - even though a couple of them didn't make it. We are all sending our best wishes to Karen and Emma and wish Karen a very speedy recovery!
We all went to a holiday cottage in the New Forest for 4 days. Karen and David from Total Papercrafts came diwn on Sunday to teach us a couple of classes. We all ate too much, drank too much, but had lots of laughs and giggles - we even did some scrapping.
Sal made me this gorgeous mojo tin to house all the mojo prompts from everyone. Thanks Sal - you really are a star!!!
I have managed to get myself up to date with the last 4 weeks of SLYMI:
Week 22 - Use a sketch
Week 23 - Self Portrait
Week 24 - Scrap with Felt (this is one classes from Total Papercraft)
Week 25 - Blue and Green

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Year - 18th June - Zoe

Seeing as I did a photo of me yesterday, today I thought I would do a photo of Zoe. This is her in her car seat ready to set off for nursery. I have cheated as the photo was taken yesterday but I just love it. It tugs at my heart strings - don't know why! Have used it for the weekly challenge on UKS - you can see it on my digi blog

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Year - 17th June - Self Portrait

I am struggling for inspiration for these photos and so today thought that I would do a self portrait. I don't really do pictures of me and I much prefer to be behind the camera. But seeing as this is a review of the year, I suppose I ought to put some piccies of me in every now and again.

My Year - 16th June - Good Girl

Zoe has been so good lately that we said she could have a new toy from Toys R Us. She chose 2 things – a Fifi Flowertot house and some Dora puzzles. Hopefully this will encourage her to be better behaved.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Year - 15th June - How much?

On Saturday I needed some change and so I popped into a Co-Op shop and thought I would buy a packet of Polos. I was absolutely shocked when the cashier said "That will be 46p please". The last time I bought Polos they were 10p for a packet - I know we have inflation, but that seems ridiculous.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Year - 14th June - Sunday night bath

Sunday is always bath night. Zoe really didn't want me to take a photo of her. She is very overtired today and is quite grumpy. I managed to get this photo of her looking relatively happy in the end - the others were all very grumpy faced ones. I have a layout in mind for them.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Year - 13th June - D-I-S-C-O

Last night I went to a joint 30th birthday party and the dj got the two birthday people to sit on the floor and then asked the guests to sit behind the person that they liked the most - Gavin lost!!! Then they all had to do the Ooops Up Side Your Head dance. I was playing with the settings on my camera - this is what the firework setting gave me. A rubbish photo but I love the effects of the disco lights.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Year - 12th June - Occupied

Today is my first Friday off where it is just Zoe and I and so I am hoping to catch up on a few crafty things. I am finding lots of things to keep Zoe occupied with colouring and toys so I can get on. Not sure it will last though!!

My Year - 11th June - Lifeline

This has to be my most favourite kitchen implement - mind you I don't think I particularly like any tool in the kitchen. I would be lost without the kettle. I have several cups of tea a day and start to crave it if I go too long without a cuppa!

My Year - 10th June - Teddy

This little guy goes everywhere with Zoe. He goes to nursery with her, shopping with her, to bed with her and even to the toilet with her. Where there is Zoe, there is Teddy. People always ask what his name is and Zoe looks at them as if they are mad and replies "Teddy!"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Year - 9th June - Quack Quack

I entered a raffle a work to help raise money for the Help For Heroes. Tickets were sold at £2 for certain prizes and £5 for the better prizes. I won a mini barbeque, 2 wooden ducks and a mirrored frame and clock set - not bad for £9.
This is Felix the duck.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Year - 8th June - New House

We have finally found our next house. We put the offer in this morning and it was accepted after a little bit of negotiations. I don't want to get too excited in case things don't work out but I must keep positive. This house is perfect and is in an excellent catchment area for schools for Zoe.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Year - 7th June - Back to Work

After having 13 weeks off work, James is back to work. His leg is still very sore but hopefully he will be ok. His company is putting him on lighter duties - which unfortunately for him means lots of testing. This is his lunch box ready for his sandwiches to be put in there tomorrow.

My Year - 6th June - What is he thinking?

This little wooden lady bird was at Honey Brook Farm. He really caught my eye as he has such a funny expression on his face - like he has seen something shocking. What do you think he is thinking or saying?

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Year - 5th June - Honeybrook Farm

Today we have been to Honeybrook Farm. James goes back to work on Monday having had 13 weeks off with his broken leg - so we had a day out. The sun was shining and we had a lovely time. This is my favourite photo of the 122 that I took. They are the two most precious things in my life.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Year - 4th June - Laying in Wait

I know cats like to catch birds, but Molly takes the stakeout process one step too far. Sleeping inside the bird table is one way to get the birds I suppose!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Year - 3rd June - Rude Awakening

This morning Zoe woke us up at 5am shouting for "Mummy". The first time ever, she had wet the bed. Everything was soaked - even the pillow. Don't why she did it but she was very upset. So my planned lie-in all went to cock and I was showering her and stripping her bed at 5am. Didn't go back to bed as I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. Here is the first load of washing!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Year - 2nd June - Cor it's hot

We are experiencing a bit of a mini heatwave right now. It has been lovely for about 5 days now but I think today is possibly the last of nice days - just in time for my few days off.

My Year - 1st June - Pink

Today Shimelle has started a new month project all about colour. Today is all about your favourite colour. Well mine must be pink! I love everything pink - especially handbags and shoes!