Sunday, February 26, 2012

UK Scrappers Weekly Challenge - Feb Wk 3

This week's challenge was set by The Twilight Addicts. They gave us a sketch to use for 10 points, asked us to use a group of photos for 10 points and draw inspiration from a book title.

Well I had to think long and hard about this challenge. I have used an old digi kit by Dawn Inskip called Welcome to the World.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

365 + 1 - Day 56 - Saturday

The dreaded weekly food shop is always a part of our Saturdays!

365 + 1 - Day 55 - Cloud

This was my view of the sky this morning! Wonder whether it will stay dry for me to get some washing out on the line?

365 + 1 - Day 54 - In the Detail

Did some cooking today to stock the freezer up. I tried making Slimming World Meat Balls following a recipe from one of their books.

365 + 1 - Day 53 - Ordinary

This is not a sympathy post but I always think of myself as ordinary. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. I have always wanted to be quirky and different!

365 + 1 - Day 52 - Sky High

This tree is in our next door neighbour's garden but over hangs our garden. It is a massive tree and my photo does not really do it justice. There is a Magpie's nest at the very top.

365 + 1 - Day 51 - Fragile

I am eating a lot of eggs at the moment. I loved them scrambled! They don't seem very fragile though! I seem to have to smash them very hard against a bowl to get them to crack.

365 + 1 - Day 50 - Fashion

I am doing Slimming World and so do not want to buy any new clothes until I am at target. This is James' favourite brand of clothing at the moment.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

UK Scrappers Weekly Challenge - February Wk 2

This week's challenge was set by the Bijoux Belles and they challenged us to:
- include movement in some form or other
- use red/black colour scheme
- include some stamping

I have used an old digi kit from The Digi Chick called Better Together. I have digitally stamped the kisses and some of the title is used the Stamp Act Jumbled. The movement is me going up the stairs at our last Crumblies retreat. I really love this photo - I don't know why!!! I normally hate all photos of myself!

365 + 1 - Day 49 - Domestic

These are the filters out of my Dyson having been washed. My husband reckons that I addicted to hoovering and I would hoover our driveway if I could. I am just house proud that is all!

365 + 1 - Day 48 - Abstract

Whenever I think of the word Abstract I think of art. Zoe made this beautiful heart poster for me for Valentines Day. I love the way she has included my bike!

365 + 1 - Day 47 - What's in your handbag?

Slimming World books, a Coeliac Handbook, an out of date diary (???), purse, chequebooks, iPhone and Tesco coupons

365 + 1 - Day 46 - Bloom

This sad looking bloom is the poor Poinsettia that I got at Christmas time. Think our lounge fluctuates between hot and cold so much that it didn't really stand a chance. James won't let me chuck it out but I think it is a lost cause!

365 + 1 - Day 45 - Candle

I have used tissue paper and a heat gun on the candle to transfer the stamped image on to the candle. Makes perfect gifts!

Monday, February 13, 2012

365 + 1 - Day 44 - Friendship

Zoe went to nursery at the age of 9 months. I had so many feelings of guilt but I had no choice but to return to work. She made some wonderful friends which, although they have all moved on to separate schools, they have all remained the best of friends and still see each other regularly.

365 + 1 - Day 43 - From My Past

Before I met James I was engaged to someone else. My life would have been so different if I had stayed with him. Thank God I saw sense and James, my knight in shining armour rescued me from that fate!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

UK Scrappers Monthly Challenge - February

This month we were given a colour challenge. This is the colour scheme:

UK Scrappers Weekly Challenge - February Wk 1

This week's challenge was set by The Pink Glitter Gals and we had to use a photo of a woman for 10 points, use sewing on the layout for 10 points and finally scrap about an achievement for the final 10 points.
I have used a far bit of artistic licence here. The achievement is Zoe losing her first tooth, which she had been waiting and waiting for and was quite a big deal in her little life as lots of her friends had lost their teeth already. Zoe is only 6 so not quite a woman bit definitely my little lady.
I have used a oldish digi kit called Fairyland by Dawn Inskip.

365 + 1 - Day 42 - Loved One

What more can I say?

365 + 1 - Day 42 - Loved One

What more can I say?

Friday, February 10, 2012

365 + 1 - Day 41 - Heart

This little girl totally fills my heart!

365 + 1 - Day 40 - Compact

This my base, foundation and powder all in one handy compact! It has a mirror and so is perfect for putting all you make up on

365 + 1 - Day 39 - Fence

The fence to the right of the rear of our house is the responsibility of our next door neighbour and slowly she has been replacing all the panels and it was finally finished this week!

365 + 1 Day 38 - Damage

This is my favourite pasta bowl. I managed to bring it all the way back from Ibiza about 8 years ago but with constant use it is getting quite a lot of damage!

Monday, February 6, 2012

365 + 1 - Day 37 - Packaging

Zoe got pupil of the week last week and as a treat I ordered her a Miss Piggy Build A Bear. This is the box it came today. Can you tell how excited she is?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

365 + 1 - Day 36 - Rubbish

It seems that most of the south of England has had snow and we haven't! What a load of RUBBISH! I know it causes loads of disruption, but I love it!

365 + 1 - Day 35 - Liquid

I can diet and give up chocolate and all the other treats. But I cannot give up my cup of tea!

365 + 1 - Day 34 - Interaction

This is my nephew and Zoe taking photos of us at lunch. He was struggling to get the camera off the video mode!

365 + 1 - Day 33 - Button

This is one of my favourite Troll Bead beads.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

365 + 1 - Day 32 - Accessory

I am trying to grow my fringe out and it is driving me mad! I often just grab one of Zoe's hairgrips to keep it off my face. I have been known to turn up for work wearing a Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse hairclip. I remembered to take this butterfly accessory out before I left the house this morning!

365 + 1 - Day 31 - Wheels

Zoe made this wheel like structure from her Magnetix. I think for a 6 year old it shows pretty clever skills. I tried to build something using these things and can't make anything!

365 + 1 - Day 30 - Collection

I love Troll Beads and have two full bracelets! It scares me when I add up the value of them and then look at a bracelet and can't help but think that it looks like it could have come from Claire's Accessories!