Monday, August 3, 2009

My Year - 3rd August - Space Hopper

Yesterday at Connor's party I had great fun bouncing around on a space hopper. I never managed to play on these as a child as I was never big enough to get on one. Now I am tall enough but probably a bit too fat - but I still had great fun. I only fell off twice.


Bernie said...

Wonderful photo Claire!!!! So where's the LO using that one?!!!!

Just a little thank you for all your friendliness, help when we were starting out, and to acknowledge your wonderful talent, there's a little something over on my blog for you!

Have a nice daaaaaaaaay!!!

Bernie x

Coffeedoff said...

That looks great fun.

Joy said...

Don't fall off. That would be embarrassing to explain at A&E! Great pic.

Linda said...

looks like fun!