Sunday, January 3, 2010

52 in 10 Project - Week One - The Noughties

Today I have started another year long project - I love these! Scrap Dolly over on UKS os hosting a new project called 52 in 10. Basically she is turning 50 this year and so wants to mark the year with a project about her. It can be found here. Please join us.

The prompts come out every Sunday and today's is all about the last decade. So here is mine.
What a nightmare I had finding a photo of me 10 years ago. This was before digital cameras and so I was flicking through packets of photos and had to scan this one in.
I hate my handwriting but seeing as this is about me, I thought I had better use my handwriting rather than a computer font.
The journalling reads:
"I have never got into trouble or anything but I did waste my late teenage years and early twenties on silly relationships and I could have worked harder on my A levels and my degree.
But my life has totally changed in the last decade. And all for the better!!! I met James in 1998 and changed jobs in 1999 so all before the last decade but it seems they were the catalyst for change.
I started the decade as at least a size 18 and god only knows how much I weighed and I ended the decade as a size 12 and weighing 10 stone.
I moved in with James into the flat in about 2001 and we got engaged in 2002 after I had a car accident on the M3. He must have realised that he couldn’t live without me ;-)
We got married in a beautiful church ceremony in July 2004 and honeymooned in Jamaica. The Christmas of that year we decided to try for a baby and Zoe was conceived in March 2005. She was born in December 2005 after a wonderfully easy pregnancy. It all got a bit marred by me having kidney stones at the end of the pregnancy and then having a couple of stays in hospital whilst they figured out what was wrong. But it all got sorted in the end and I settled into the totally alien world of being a mummy.
Motherhood has totally changed me and although I still love my job it is definitely no longer the “be all and end all” of my life. My family is my priority now and although Zoe can be very hard work at times, it is incredibly rewarding to see her growing up and developing into a sweet and polite child.
In 2009, we moved house – from a 2 bed flat to a 4 bed house out in the country – just perfect to bring Zoe up in and for the best of schools.
I hope that 2010 and the following decade will be just as rewarding as the last one and that we all continue to be happy, healthy and content to be ourselves
Bring on the Teenies!!!"


knitkath said...

Wow, there's a lot happened in that decade, and sure your life will get even better!

Scrapdolly said...

fab page and what an important decade it was

Summer Sunflower said...

A great reflection on your past decade Claire, it certainly shows how much things can change in 10 years!

Mary B said...

Lovely page love all the little bits of bling, and great journalling too

Beejay said...

Lots of things happening for you in the last decade Claire. Great page.

Shirley said...

How lovely to do a LO with so many life changing memories.
Great start to another year long project Claire.

jo said...

Love it - and well done for being so quick off the mark - I'm still @ the thinking stage!

Lynne said...

Loved the journalling and well done doing it so quick, definitely enjoying your new craft room!!!

Debbie said...

Great LO - got mine all planned in my head, photos printed, just a case of putting glue to paper

AlliR said...

Great journaling Claire, and I wouldn't have recognised you from your earlier photo!