Thursday, June 10, 2010

A trip to Lego Land

As we are not going away this year we decided to splash out and take Zoe to Lego Land for a couple of days and stay in a hotel. We had great fun and despite a couple of very late nights, Zoe absolutely loved it and was so well behaved with no tantrums or tears - except when she dropped her ice cream - but I soon stopped her tears by giving her mine! I got to eat her now topless cone! All helps with the diet!!!!
The Monday was heaving as lots of children were still off school due to inset days but we didn't queue for more than 45 minutes for any of the rides. Tuesday was much better and there was only ever about 10 people in front of us for any of the rides. You could get off the ride and go straight back on again - which Zoe insisted we did. The weather held out too!! I would definitely recommend anyone to go but you do need 2 days.
We got stuck in a lot of traffic on the way there and didn't get into the park until midday so we stopped for lunch and Zoe was eager to get on and get playing.
"Come on Mummy and Daddy, I want to play"
"Please Daddy, if I hug you, can we go and play?"
Zoe met some old friends:
and Wendy
Daddy and Zoe went on the Space Tower - James had to pull and pull on the rope to make the ride get to the top. Zoe was not phased by the height.
"Come on Daddy, pull harder!"
"Hello Mummy, I can see you!"
"We are at the top - well done Daddy!"
And then whilst I took photos of Mini Land, which is famous land marks, James and Zoe sat on the grass and a play fight.
"Round One to Zoe"
"Daddy wins"
Day 2 started off with us going on the Viking's River Splash. We got very wet.
Then we went over to the Kingdom of the Pharoahs where Zoe made a new friend on the Aero Nomad. But she did hold his hand when the ride went up high.
"Peebo" Zoe waiting to go on a ride.
As I was on photography duties, Zoe and Daddy went on Desert Chase.
And then Zoe had 5 goes on the Thunder Blazer - we seem to have a fairground junkie daughter.
We had a go in the Boating school, the Fire Academy, where we won although I did think James may have needed the St John's Ambulance afterwards and then Zoe had a go on the L-Drivers which is a driving school for aged 3 to 5 year olds. Zoe was concentrating so hard all the way round but she got her Lego Land driving licence.
Then we went back to the Vikings River Splash ride again seeing as the sun was shining so much. We all went on it once and then Zoe wanted to do it straight away again so I decided I would try and get some photos of them. The problem is that the boat turns around and so it was quite hard to get any good ones and you are limited to where you can stand. James was obviously trying to shield Zoe as much as possible from the water jets as he got absolutely soaked.
A Lego dragon - it amazes me what they have made out of Lego.
From there we went to Duplo Land and watched a puppet show and then Daddy insisted on playing on the play area - will he ever grow up? I hope not :-)

Then it was home time and we did the obligatory shopping for souvenirs. We had promised Zoe she could have a pink bucket of Lego if she was good and she also ended up with a key ring, a t-shirt and a lolly maker.
We also found a couple more old friends.


Mary B said...

You have got some fantastic photos of Zoe there Claire she is very photogenic

Curly said...

Suoerb piccy's Claire, well done you memories to treasure.

Summer Sunflower said...

Great photos with your new camera, a lovely family day out to treasure!!

knitkath said...

Fantastic photos, looks like you all had a really good time! Loads to scrap there!

College Bound Student said...

Where was this lego land? It looks like a lot of fun!