Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I had my biopsy for Coeliac disease yesterday and it came back positive. I am a bit of a wimp and opted to have the biopsy done under sedation and so I couldn't drive for 24 hours so I had to have the day off work today. Although I knew the diagnosis was coming it has still come as a bit of a shock and so I have been playing to keep my mind off it all.

I have been playing making ribbon carnations - there is a fab tutorial here. You basically pull the wire on one edge to make a ruffle and then sew it round and round. This is the first one I made:
The second one, the wire broke when I was pulling it through! The ribbon was quite expensive so I decided to carry on making it and see what it would look like if the ribbon was not wired on both edges. So I pulled it out completely and then ruffled the other side. I think I prefer it.
What do you think?
Left one - only wire on one side and the right hand one - both sides wired .
I am going to a wedding on Sunday and I have a black and white dress to wear with a black cardigan and clutch bag. My shoes are black, white and red. I am going to put one of these carnations on the cardy and one on the bag.

Also I finished off the royal icing butterflies that I started on Sunday. I am going to use them on my cup cakes at my cake decorating course tomorrow night.
They started off like this:

and then end up looking like this:
I have made gluten free cupcakes to take tomorrow. Had to have a sneaky taste and they are really tasty - you would never know!
A few months ago I bought a tablet for my digi scrapping but have not really used it much but today I signed up for Jessica Sprague's tablet course. I finished lesson one today. This is the layout. The photos are of Zoe's first holiday when she was 4 months old. Has made me very clucky looking at baby photos!


knitkath said...

Lovely lo, good for you learning to use your tablet! Butterflies look great! I prefer the wireless flower!

Summer Sunflower said...

Love the carnations, I prefer the wireless flower! The butterflies look really good, great LO too, you have been a busy girl!!

Lynne said...

Fantastic butterflies!!
Prefer the wireless flower too :)
Clever you xxx

Mary B said...

both flowers are great the first with wire looks like a rose where the unwired one looks like a carnation.
butterflies are very good

Shirley said...

My goodness Claire you have been busy today.
Loving the Butterflies.
Well done on dusting off the tablet and doing a great LO.
I agree with Mary about the 2 a rose and the other a carnation. I prefer the wireless one too.