Sunday, June 26, 2011

Darcey's Birthday Cupcakes

It is my friend's little girl's birthday party today and I said I would make some cupcakes. I made the hearts and the letters yesterday and then I made the cakes last night and decorated them this morning.
On top of each cake is a thin layer of buttercream and then a white fondant disc of icing. I have found a 2.5 inch scone cutter makes the perfect size disc!
The heart is cut from red fondant that I added some gum tragacanth to firm it up a bit and the letters are cut using flowerpaster and Tappits Funky letter set.


Mary B said...

They look really professional much better than some I have seen that are supposed to be done professionally I love your lettering

Shirley said...

These cupcakes are fabulous Claire.
Great idea and so well executed, I agree with Mary you are definitley up there with the professionals now.

Summer Sunflower said...

Your cupcakes looks so scrummy Claire, clever you xx