Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UK Scrappers Weekly Challenge - September Wk 3

This week's challenge was set by Nerlly:

So the theme for this week’s challenge is antici..............pation (courtesy of Frank N Furter, lol).
Think of something you’ve been excited about recently, or even some time ago. A test of some sort, a wedding, a performance, a holiday, a new car – the possibilities are endless.
You can scrap the event itself, or you can dig a bit deeper and make it about how everything turned out, or how you felt afterwards.
Try and include the following elements:
1. A clock, or clock hands – for 10 points
2. An embellishment made from something that relates to the event. So you could use some actual ephemera, or for example if it’s a party you could use some wrapping paper or a cake candle, not necessarily from the day. This isn’t meant to be too challenging! 10 points for this.
3. Something you don’t like very much! Find a ribbon or some ‘orrible paper, or nasty flowers, and do something with them so that you can add them to your page. Dig the poor old unwanted stash out, and give it an exciting day of its own! Paint it, stamp it, spray it, turn it into something else......for another 10 points.

Here is my layout. It is a picture of Zoe's long awaited fish tank as her end of school year reward. I have used various elements from Dawn Inskip's Ocean digi kit and her Living Seas digi kit. I made my journalling tag by clipping digital paper to fish outline. I have altered the back ground paper by stamping shoals of fish onto them to make the bland paper a bit more exciting.


Mary B said...

Well done on doing it digi I'm struggling
it looks a good page to me. love all the little fishes.

Patty said...

It is a lovely page - I love that printed fishy!

nerllybird said...

Wow, that's great! Good to see it works with digi too, lol! Thanks for having a go :D

Summer Sunflower said...

Great LO Claire, love the shoals of fish!!

Karen said...

Gorgeous LO Claire and a fab take on the WC. I love the fish shaped journalling block :)