Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Year - 24th March - Much Easier

After the epic of the mosaic jigsaw, James was lent a couple of Wasgij? jigsaws. The picture on the box is not the picture that you complete. This is the first one finished- and I only put one piece in! He really enjoyed doing this one.


Karen said...

Well done. My family are great fans of Wasgijs. We always take one with us on holiday. Not done that one.

Mary B said...

Oh well done James, fancy the piccie being different to the one on the box that would make it harder but he has completed it in record time.
and Well done you for restraining from taking over.

knitkath said...

More beautiful cards, lo's and photos, love Zoe with her shoes on the wrong feet! And you are a lucky Mummy!