Monday, September 13, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday 2010 - 12th and 13th

Day 12:
We decided that it was time for Zoe to learn how to ride her bike without the stabilisers. So off we went down to Poole Park to have a go. It was back breaking holding on to her bike. She didn't get it and she was getting very frustrated so we gave up after a while and decided to practice some more next weekend.

Day 13:
Zoe was really tired this morning and was almost asleep whilst eating her breakfast


Debbie said...

Good luck with the cycling! My eldest was 8 before we finally got her going!! The square at the cricket pitch was a good surface to ride on when she was learning! Good job DH was the captain or else we'd have been shot!!
Lovely LO's MM

knitkath said...

This little album is going to be a treasure, the photos and subjects you have covered are great!

AlliR said...

Aww bless her, Zoe looks how I feel LOL.

Mary B said...

great pages both of them love the one where she is so sleepy and those little sheep are cute.