Friday, September 3, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday 2010 - Front Page

It is that time of year again when Shimelle runs her fab September course. This is my 3rd year of doing it and I think I am going to do it digi. This year is slightly different to previous years for me as I am going to do it from the point of view of my 4 year old daughter, Zoe, who starts "big" school tomorrow. She is going to be learning a lot in the few months so it fits beautifully with this project. So this is going to be Zoe's journey.
I have bought a fab new digi kit called Back To School - The Collection which is a collaboration between Melissa Wilson and Mari Koegelenberg from the Digi Chick store.
I am still not convinced that I want to do this project in digi but the school stash I have ordered has not turned up yet.

Here is my front cover:

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Karen said...

A great cover Claire :)

I especially love the alphabet across the top and the colourful crayons :)