Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Zoe learns to ride her bike!

Zoe has never been confident on her bike and even less so without stabilisers! But with some grit and determination she managed to ride it by herself at the weekend. First lap of the park, we had lots of screaming and a tantrum - refusing to get back on her bike. But then with a little blackmail, she got back on her bike and with a couple of laps she had it.
This is not the best video I took but the others were in portrait mode and not so easy to watch! You may want to turn the sound off as my voice sounds horrendous at the end!!!!
Next stop the Tour De France!!!


Mary B said...

Oh bless her and doesn't she look pleased that she has conquered the art.

Lynne said...

Well done Zoe xxxx
How excited was Mummy LOL!!!