Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And The Crumblies were born

A couple of weeks ago I went on our annual 365 retreat and we decided that we should make ourselves into a team on UK Scrappers. We couldn't decide on a name but whilst looking through the dessert menu at dinner on the Saturday night, we came up with The Crumblies.
I hadn't done any real life scrapping in ages and I went into overdrive and got loads done:

This was the speed scrap challenge that Barbara set us! She taught us how to make pin wheels - I went back and added them one of my previous layouts too! Had to stop myself from adding them to everything!
This is a double layout using a pagemap sketch from October 2011
This is using another Pagemap sketch from October.
This was using another Pagemap sketch - think it was Jan 2011.
Pretty sure this was using a sketch but don't know which one!
Another double layout:

A pretty productive weekend.
Shirley came for the day and showed us to do a few messy things too!
Roll on March for the next retreat!


Shirley said...

Lovely selection of LO's, what a busy bee you were.
I think you mean 'Artistc' ........messy indeed! LOL

Mary B said...

I love all these pages especially the one of Zoe on the scooter and tree hugging. you certainly have leaped back into IRL very well indeed.