Friday, December 23, 2011

What Alfie did next...

Only a couple more days and Alfie will be back with Santa for the rest of the year, having done his work in the Viney household. Zoe will be really sad to see him go.

On Wednesday I sorted my old laptop out for Zoe to use and got her some educational software to use on it. Alfie must think he is a clever elf as he had turned it on and was doing of Zoe's lessons.

And this morning he attempting to ride off into the sunset with his girlfriend - didn't seem to get very far though!

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Shirley said...

Gosh Alfie well done on your computer skills and doing some of Zoe's lessons, I am impressed. :-)
I am sure you and your new lady Elf will be riding off into the sunset soon enough but you still have a job to do here for now!!!!