Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Christmas Card Swap

I have been accepted to join a Christmas card swap on the UK Scrappers website and whilst I am excited because it is my first swap and I am also a bit scared in case my cards aren't good enough and then the other ladies in the group will be disappointed when they receive my cards.

Yesterday Zoe got her first birthday party invite from a boy from nursery. How sweet!!! The party is in October so a little way off yet. Being a first time mum, I am not really sure of the etiquette rules for such occasions. She is only 21 months so I presume that I will stay with her for the duration of the party. Then there is the question of what to buy for a present bearing in mind I can't even picture the boy who's party it is. Looking on the bright side, I will be able to use the robo cop to make a No 2 card!!!!

Right better get my Christmas card design sorted out!!! Either that or do the ironing!!!

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