Saturday, September 22, 2007

Loverrrrrly Holiday

We have been away to Jersey for 5 nights and it was fantastic. The weather was pretty good which is always a bonus. Jersey is beautiful - I can definitely recommend it!!! Living in Poole, we took the Condor ferry over with the car, which meant we could explore the island to our hearts content. We went with the in-laws who loved spending so much time with their beautiful granddaughter.

We visited Gerald Durrel's zoo which was brilliant. Their orangutangs were brilliant to watch. We also visited an orchid farm which had the most beautiful orchids there. I love orchids but really struggle to grow them successfully. I got some fabby photos of the orchids.

Zoe was so good all holiday. We went on a day's coach trip and she was really well behaved all day. Everybody commented on how good she was. We had lunch in a little bay and wandered down onto the beach - she loved jumping on the sand.

I have really must get on with making my Christmas cards now - but I don't seem to have any inspiration at all. I have got 11 cards to make for a swap by 15th October - argh!!!!

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