Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some more of my Christmas cards

I have been trying to make special cards for my immediate family and have come up the following one. The starburst or snowflake shape was on the SplitCoasters website originally made by using 2 sizes of tag punches. I think KittyPuss made a card using this method and then the very talented YorkieMumFlUSA aka Pam designed a template for the Craft Robo to do the same shape. She did two templates with different number of points. These can be found on the UKS website

So I have used Pam's 11 point template and slightly altered it to make 2 different sizes of starburst. I have cut 2 of the larger shapes using some Self Adhesive glittery card from Hobbycraft on my Craft Robo - one in pink and one in a silvery blue. I have peeled off the backing and stuck the shapes on to some embossed glittery vellum. I have then layered these together using sticky pads. I then cut two of the smaller shapes again one in pink and one in blue and put them onto the same vellum. Again these are layered together and then stuck onto the larger shapes. Not sure that any of this makes sense. Here is a close up of the Starburst - it is quite raised in real life.

The wording on the card is based on another template from the UKS Craft Robo templates which I slightly altered. This is cutting using the same self adhesive card from Hobbycraft, which cuts beautifully on the Craft Robo - even with my blunt blade.

I have posted up two cards as I have layered the starbursts in different colourways - pink and then blue and blue and then pink!!

Thanks to Pam and ShelleysArt for the Craft Robo templates.

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Lisa said...

Gorgeous cards I really must try this template out.