Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 283 - Thursday 9th October

"Lets have a good cup o rosie lee"

Rosie Lee translated is a Cup of Tea, very British!

As I have got older, I drink more and more tea! I think I could take it intravenously some days!!! I always used to take the mickey out of my mum for drinking so much tea but now I am doing the same. Does this mean I will turn into her in other ways? My god, my husband would divorce me!
The work tea round!!!!


malaryush said...

I think we're all doomed to turn into our mothers eventaully - lol

knitkath said...

Great mugs, they say a man should look at his future mother in law to see his wife when she is older!

Beejay said...

LOL. That made me laugh.

Steph said...

My hubby only agreed to marry me because I assured him I am 80% like my dad!!!

Shirley said...

Claire you really are on aroll this week.
Your journalling really made me smile.
Hope your mum doesn't read your blog!!!

Mary B said...

No I didn't turn into my mother, but I do, and always have done, love a cuppa tea