Friday, August 6, 2010

Promarker Storage

I cannot take the credit for this as I have seen it on this blog here , but I thought it was so fab that I decided to make one for myself.
The DVD rack is from Ikea and is called Boalt and cost the princely sum of £7.99.
I then painted it with a metallic pink acrylic paint. I haven't painted all of the insides as once the DVD cases are in, you cannot see inside it.

I had planned on covering it with pretty papers but I think due to the slots down the side, there is a danger of the paper getting torn, so I am leaving it just painted. Unfortunately I have run out of paint so the side slots will have to be painted later.
Then I bought 3 packs of 5 DVD cases from The Range for £1.49 each. These go into the DVD rack in every other slot.
I then made up my colour chart in Word using a table. The colour row was 0.8cm tall with 11 columns across. Then I put in another row that was only 0.3cm tall and typed in the name of each pen.
I printed this out and coloured in each rectangle with the appropriate pen. I then cut it into strips and put into the spine of each case.
As I coloured each rectangle, I also coloured in a white round label and put this on the fat end of each pen.
Each shelf holds 11 pens and there are 14 shelves and so holds all 147 pens perfectly.
And here it is - the finished unit! And all for £12.46. I am so pleased with it!!!
I used to house all my pens in 3 RUB boxes and it was a nightmare to find the right pen each time, but now it is easy. I used them this morning to colour the image in on the card on the post below and it was so quick!


Mary B said...

that looks so professional Claire well done indeed

Summer Sunflower said...

WOW Claire this is brilliant, definately be looking for one of those next time I get to IKEA!!

Lynne said...

Wow how have is that!! Clever girl!

knitkath said...

Love the storage idea, beautifully made! And your easel card is lovely!

Caz said...

Love the storage idea, will have to get this for my DD's as she can never find the colour she needs and then she tries to borrow my Copics...LOL

Anonymous said...

Do you still have a copy of the pen names please?