Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 308 - Monday 3rd November

Is it the Monday morning blues for you, or the start of a fresh new week of anticipation?

• Who – me yet again
• What – preparing dinner (Shepherds Pie that I made yesterday) and tomorrow’s sandwiches
• When – 6.15pm
• Where – Kitchen (again)
• Why – I was very good and made a Chilli and a Shepherds Pie on Sunday afternoon as I knew I would have a lot of things to do this week in preparation for our 365 Retreat. So although it is a Monday and they can be a bit depressing, I am full of anticipation for a fantastic weekend of scrapping, chatting and having loads of fun with my 365 buddies!!!


Lynne aka retired nana said...

Oh only 4 more sleeps I am soooooo excited !!

Shirley said...

I am getting excited too!!!
I have a list with some ticks on it now :)
Sandwiches look yummy claire.

knitkath said...

Very domesticated! Have to be organised if we're going away to have fun!

Beejay said...

Very organised Claire. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Mary B said...

of course we will have lots of fun, but do you honestly think we will get much scrapping done?