Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 313 - Saturday 8th November

As man draws nearer to the stars, why should he not also draw nearer to his neighbor?” - Lyndon B. Johnson (1908-1973), 36th U.S. president

Well this weekend was the meet up for the 365ers and what a time we had. Some of us met on Friday and had an afternoon and evening of scrapping – yes we did actually do some. And then on Saturday there were 13 of us all scrapping and chatting and having fun.
Anna, who started the whole 365 challenge came and gave us a class on a double layout. To me, she is quite famous – some may say a star and so I got her to sign my Scrapbooking magazine and we were quite tightly crammed in - you definitely had to get on well with your neighbours. And what fantastic neighbours they were!!!
Can’t wait for our next meet up now!!!


domestic goddess said...

you made me feel evry special, thank you for such a wonderful weekend:)
Love, adore all these layouts! and thank you for my stamping class
huga xx

Shirley said...

Lucky you !!!
Could be worth ££££££'s on Ebay now :)

knitkath said...

Nice to meet someone famous, and be inspired by them! Thanks for your stamping lessons!