Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 316 - Tuesday 11th November

"Diamonds are Forever" - Sean Connery - 1971

This week, (thanks to a fellow 365er, Sarah,) we are going to be inspired by James Bond Films!

I don’t really have many diamonds other than in my engagement and wedding ring. These rings are forever.
My favourite stone is Blue Topaz, which I had a lovely bracelet full of, until I lost the bracelet. James did say that he would replace it but I fancy a Troll bead bracelet instead which I can build up over the years. Sarah on our 365 retreat had 2 full bracelets and a necklace of them and I love them. Think I will have to put this on my Christmas wish list.


Beejay said...

I love mine too. :)

knitkath said...

More opportunities to wear the troll beads than diamonds!

Shirley said...

It is a lovely idea to have lots of memories on one bracelet Claire.
Building mine up slowly but every troll bead special.
Hope you manage to get one for Christmas :)

Mary B said...

That would be a good way to remember special times and more value than diamonds.

Lynne aka retired nana said...

I remember you losing the bracelet, it happened the day we came to Poole.

I started my Troll bracelet this September and await to see what I get this Christmas :)