Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Year - 20th February - Christmas Day

Yes that is right - Christmas Day. My dad is a very busy farmer and so we celebrated Christmas on the 20th Feb. We had the works - Christmas tree, Christmas dinner, crackers, party games and presents. It was absolutely great! I don't get to see enough of my dad due to his busy worklife but when we do get together, he really goes to town!!!!! I won't need to eat again for another week at least!


Mary B said...

Lovely Claire and looks as though you are tucking into a beautifully prepared and presented Christmas lunch (I have chips lol) that is the word verification I have to put in that made me smile.

Lynne aka retired nana said...

What a fab day you had and even more precious cos it was on a different day. So pleased it eas a great day and everyone enjoyed it. Hope you have many more days like this with him xx

Summer Sunflower said...

Perfect Day for you Claire, one that you will treasure!!