Saturday, April 25, 2009

Digi in Deep - Lesson One complete

I am enjoying learning digital scrapbooking so much that I have signed up for the advanced Jessica Sprague Digi In Deep course.
Last I started Lesson One and then have finished it off this morning. It has about 3 hours of work in this layout. I love it and just hope that I can re-create something similar. It has lots of complicated things in it - chopping up flourishes to add them to text, compound masks, using layers to make it look like the string is wrapped around the circle and to make the tag look like it is hanging from the string and recolouring textured elements.

Without sounding like I am preaching, if you want to learn digi then Jessica Sprague is your lady.


Beejay said...

well done Claire . Love the pics.

a1bjm said...

Love this lo
Cant wait to start JS courses

kikimama said...

Love it! It is quite a jump up from NWR, isn't it? I loved adding the swirls to the letters, I've used that loads of times since then!