Thursday, April 9, 2009

UK Scrappers Weekly Challenge - April Wk 1

This week's challenge has been set by The Scrappin' Gigglers. They have set the following rules:
1) Scrap a photo that made you giggle/laugh because we are The Scrappin’ Gigglers =10 points
2) Use 5 of an embelli for the 5 Olympic Rings because the games were restarted in April 1896 = 5 points
3) something sparkly and/or magical for Paul Daniels’ birthday and our Tanfastic who is always sparkly =10 points
4) a title or quote from Oscar Wilde who was arrested on this day in 1895 = 5 points

I have done this is digi using Cindy Ritter's Pixie Dust and Posie kit. The photos are of a squirrel that visits our garden - he is very cheeky and has wrecked a few nut holders already but he can't resist the nuts. I have used 5 flowers. I have added some sparkly borders at the top and bottom of the page and the quote is "I can resist anything but temptation" from Lady Windermere's Fan 1892. Full points claimed.

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