Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 123 - Friday 2nd May

"There's no time like the pleasant" - Oliver Herford

I went into work today even though I normally have Fridays off. I have to give at least a week’s notice to book Zoë in for an extra day at nursery and my assistant’s girlfriend was due to have her baby induced last Monday if she didn’t go into labour naturally. As the baby could have come at any time I had to book the nursery to have Zoë just in case I needed to go into work. As it turned out the baby came more or less on time and John had his week off before today so in the end I didn’t need to go to work. If Zoë doesn’t go to nursery I still have to pay for her to go so I thought I may as well go into work.
This morning it was very tempting to take Zoë to nursery and instead of going to work, to come home and have a day to myself. I am really behind with the challenges and want to make some cards using my new Sugar Nellie stamps. However I felt so guilty about taking a day off without Zoë, that I went to work anyway.
Zoë still has 2 of her easter eggs and I notice that they both go out of date in May so she had a pleasant time trying to eat her chocolate goose. As much as she loves chocolate, even it was too much for her.


Shirley said...

That chocolate looks yummy, great set of photos Claire.
Hope you manage to catch up on your projects over the weekend.

Lynne aka retired nana said...

What a fab set of photos!!
Well done going into work and not being tempted by us lot!!

Mary B said...

What a gorgeous set of photographs you will have fun scrapping those one I am sure.

willowthewysp said...

That goose looks yummy! Im sure she had a good try at eating it all....does she get in a choccy mess? My Raven looks hilarious after he has eaten chocolate!...All over his face/clothes/hair...the walls and dog..!!!

knitkath said...

What lovely photos, she looks like she is having fun!