Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 149 - Wednesday 28th May

"Reach for the sky" - Woody, Toy Story

I like these Walt Disney quotes as they are bit more light hearted. I am going to keep this one short.
I think it is important to aim high in life but not be disappointed if you don’t quite succeed to the high level you set yourself. I hope that ZoĆ« reaches for the sky in everything she does. James and I will always be there to support her in any choice she makes for her life regardless of the direction it takes her in. As long as she is happy, healthy and safe then we will back her 100%


malaryush said...

A lovely post today:) Zoe is a very lucky girl ahving you for her mum

willowthewysp said...

Brilliant photo for today...perfect!

Steph said...

fantastic photo and very touching words.

Mary B said...

such a gorgeous gorgeous photo and the look of sheer pleasure on Zoe's face is a joy to see.
I like how you have journaled this that is the best way to bring up a child

knitkath said...

Love that photo, lucky little girl!