Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 150 - Thursday 29th May

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful and rare of all" - Mulan

I don’t want to tempt fate but I think my little flower Zoë is blooming in her behaviour with the aid of the sticker chart. I really was getting to the end of my tether with Zoë and her naughtiness even on the simplest of things like brushing teeth etc. However since we started the sticker chart, which was 2 weeks ago today, her behaviour has improved no end and normally just a little “You won’t get a sticker” makes her do whatever it is that you are asking of her.
At the end of each day, before bed time we do the chart and she gets all her stickers. She loves getting a big star which I stress to her is only if she has done something really well and so if she was not quite so good she only gets a small star.
This photo was taken last week on the completion of her first week – she was very proud of it.


knitkath said...

Bless her, she looks so pleased! Glad it is working!

Mary B said...

Ah Bless her she looks so pleased with herself here and your journaling came together beautifully

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Zoe looks so proud, glad it is working......and you are right she looks to be blossoming out of the troubles......I have started a chart with ds2 with getting to sleepp,,,,we wait and see!!

willowthewysp said...

Awww, she does look so pleased with herself..and so she should!
Well done you and Zoe:)

malaryush said...

Zoe looks so proud - and you should be too after all your hard work and patience to get to this place with her :)