Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 136 - Thursday 15th May

Today whilst driving to work I was thinking about all the encouraging comments on my blog from yesterday’s entry from my fellow 365ers and I was inspired into using a sticker chart to encourage and praise Zoë’s good behaviour. She loves stickers and so it seemed an ideal solution. I bought lots of star stickers in different sizes – this way she is extra good, she can have a big star. I have made a chart using Word on A3 paper which I laminated so I can remove the stickers each week to start again. The chart has a row for each day of the week and then 7 columns, one for nappy changing, getting dressed nicely, brushing teeth, being good at bath time, eating all her meal, brush/dry hair and a general one for when she has been a good girl for something that I think needs rewarding for. These are things that we seem to be struggling with the most at the moment. I didn’t want to put too many things on the chart otherwise she would getting loads of stars and I don’t want to over do it. Each column has a picture to explain what it is for.I have explained the chart to her and then gave her a star because she had got out of the car nicely and put her shoes away when I asked her. Both of these things she has been really naughty over this week. Later she informed me she had done a poo so I explained that we were going to change her nappy and if she didn’t kick me and laid nice and still whilst I did it, she would get another sticker. At first she didn’t want her nappy changed and so I said no sticker and with that she went straight to the changer and let me do her nappy with no fuss at all.Then we had tea and I explained if she ate it all she would get a sticker. She very rarely eats all of her tea and as usual she had left the mince from her spag bol so I said no sticker and with that she ate it all up – a miracle!!!! She got dressed into her pyjamas with no battles, she has washed her teeth with no arguments and she let me cut her finger and toe nails. Her whole behaviour has really changed. She has been like a different child. I know it is only day one but so far so good. I am sure it will lose it’s novelty but hopefully by then she will have got the idea. I have been truly inspired!!!!!


malaryush said...

That's really great news, Claire!
I hope your chart works for a good long time - I'm sure it will cos now she's seen that good behaviour gets visible rewards and attention.


Kay said...

Oh well done Claire straight to the top of the class for top parent. You just have to have 5 or 6 of these type of incentives to rotate around. You can go back to them when you have done some others.

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Claire that is brilliant! Couldn't do the chart better myself!
When the chart loses it's novelty and it will, change it or the goals. It is for achieving short time not long time. Well done you!

willowthewysp said...

Well done you and well done Zoe!
That is a fantastic start Claire..really positive.
I love the fact that you laminated the chart..fantastic idea..i am having to make new charts every have inspired me;)

knitkath said...

Love your chart, and obviously so does Zoe, keep up the good work!

Shirley said...

You were truly inspired Claire:
what a great idea and you have done a brilliant job of making it look fun.
Good luck with the coming days :)

Beejay said...

great idea Claire. Glad it is working.