Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 128 - Wednesday 7th May

"Need a little time to wake up, Need a little time to rest your mind, You know you should so I guess you might as well , What's the story morning glory?" - Oasis

Yesterday I went to the doctor’s as I have had a sore throat for about a week and it had interrupted my sleep on Monday night. The doctor said I had a slight case of laryngitis but there was nothing they could give me and that I should drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamol for the pain.
Last night I went to bed and after 2 hours of coughing and spluttering, I decided to get up and sleep on the sofa so that I wouldn’t disturb James. Our sofa is only a 2 seater so it is not the most comfortable to sleep on and I kept waking up throughout the night. When it was time to get up this morning I did not want to get up. A lovely hot shower soon remedied that.
I am drinking plenty of fluids and taking my paracetamol but now it feels like I am getting a cold as I am quite sneezy and my nose feels all hot and itchy.

Other than that, the sun is shining and it is glorious outside so things aren’t all that bad! I got home tonight and I have had a delivery of stash so that makes my day all the better. Lots of yummy buttons!!!

365 Challenge - Week 18 Layout
This is my week 18 layout using various papers from the DCWV Spring Stack and some ribbon.


Mary B said...

Lovely LO and very clever title love it.

willowthewysp said...

Ooh, you cant beat a delivery of yummy buttons!!

knitkath said...

Great, love it!

Shirley said...

You can never have too many buttons Claire!
Love the LO Yummy goose and pretty daughter what more could you ask for in a photo :)