Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day 138 - Saturday 17th May


These one word prompts are difficult to interpret and this one is particularly difficult. The fact that the word art is separated to me gives the prompt a meaning of do I love art? I wouldn’t say I am a great art lover. I am not the type of person to go to an art gallery or to spend money art pieces but I do appreciate the amount of hard work that can go into art.
James’ father is very good at pencil drawing and two Christmases ago, he drew a picture of ZoĆ« from a photograph and I know it came from his heart. I know he spends hours doing these pictures and they are always fantastic. He loves to draw people of different origins as he likes to captures their skin tones and features. He is absolutely fantastic at drawing animals too and his horses are wonderful. He is currently exhibiting in a local exhibition.
I am hopeless at drawing but love to stamp images and colour in them in with watercolour pencils. Today I have stamped on acetate and am glittering the image in. I love doing this and it is so effective when finished. I have done this to use on a card for James’ grandma’s 95 birthday card.


Lynne aka retired nana said...

Claire what a wonderful artist your FIL is! and You have an artistic flair to be a card maker.

Shirley said...

James’ father certainly is avery talented artist Claire, this is abeautiful portrait of Zoe. Has James inherited some of his father's artistic talent.
Those butterfiles look as if they are going to be really gorgeous :)

willowthewysp said...

WoW! Your FIL is a very talented person..that is beautiful:)

knitkath said...

That is a gorgeous picture of Zoe, he's very talented! And your butterflies look stunning too!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

A very talented grandfather that is a fanastic picture.