Thursday, January 8, 2009

Journal Your Christmas - 26th December

My journalling reads:
"We spent Boxing Day at my brother’s house in Newbury with our mum, my nephew Connor, my brother’s girlfriend Sarah and her family. He had 12 people for Christmas Day and then we descended on him on Boxing Day. We had bought Connor a Stars Wars Storm Trooper Voice Changing helmet. He loved this and when we go there he already had his Storm Trooper outfit on and so all he needed was the helmet. My brother bought Zoë a Night Garden Scooter which has now become her favourite present and she scoots around everywhere on it - even to the toilet!!!
We went for a short walk to the pub for a lunchtime drink and then we back to the house for dinner of Chilli and tacos etc.
We bought Mum home back to Dorset with us in the evening."

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