Friday, January 9, 2009

Journal Your Christmas - 3rd January

My journalling reads:

"What was my favourite moment of Christmas?
I think this has to be when Zoë opened her hoover. She had been asking for ages for a hoover and then in the last couple of weeks before Christmas, she kept asking for a yo-yo and train track – as this is what Peppa and George Pig wanted for Christmas. There was no mention of the hoover and I had already bought it for her. I was beginning to worry a little bit.
Then on Christmas morning, we kept it as the last present to be opened and she was really excited when she saw it and has been hoovering ever since. As soon as we get the hoover out, she gets hers out and will hoover alongside you. When James was hoovering up bits of wallpaper after decorating Zoë’s room, she rushed in there and dismantled it so she could use the pipe just like Daddy! So cute!!!"

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