Friday, January 9, 2009

Journal Your Christmas - 6th January

The last page. Just need to cover my album.
My journalling reads:
"I really love Christmas and so I have totally enjoyed doing this project. It has given me the chance to reflect on a lot of things and think about things that I wouldn’t never really think about too deeply. It has given me the opportunity to see Christmas through Zoe’s eyes. It has given me the chance to create some traditions which I hope Zoe will continue on when she has a family of her own. Having a three year old around definitely makes Christmas very special and fun. Zoe has been very lucky over Christmas as it is her birthday just a few days before and so she has been opening presents since mid December. But she has really appreciated all her presents.
I did get very behind on the project but managed to catch up very quickly due to size of the album that I chose to use. I have loved using the forum to see what other people have for each day and how they have interpreted the prompts."


Kay said...

Oh that's lovely Claire setting up things for our children is one of the really special gifts we have to give isn't they.

knitkath said...

You have made a beautiful journal, well done! You and Zoe will treasure this for years to come!