Friday, January 9, 2009

Journal Your Christmas - 5th January

My journalling reads:

"As much as I love Christmas, I also love to get all the decorations down and packed away. I like to get everything straight again and it gives me the chance to have a good clear out of old junk lying around. This year we have cleared lots of things – the rug, Zoë’s old toys and even a coffee table.
It is funny how quick the decorations come down when it seems to take ages to get them all up in the first place. This year we took the decorations down on the Saturday and the lounge suddenly looks so much more spacious. The new TV has made a huge difference as it sits in the corner much nicer and takes up so little space. Even the windows got a good clean once all the lights had come down.
Once Zoe’s room is complete, all the toys will come out of the lounge and it will be back to normal after 3 years of being Zoë’s toy room."

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