Friday, January 9, 2009

Journal Your Christmas - 2nd January

My journalling reads:

"Seeing Christmas through Zoë’s eyes has been magical.
She was so excited about the whole thing.
On Christmas Eve we left out the mince pie, carrot and drink for Father Christmas. We had to leave Orange Juice as this is what Peppa Pig left out for him. I thought it would be more authentic to eat half the carrot, leave some crumbs from the mince pie and to leave some juice, but Zoë was really disappointed on Christmas morning to see that Father Christmas hadn’t drunk all of the juice. I had to tell her that he eats and drinks a lot as every little boy and girl leaves something for him, so was probably just a little bit full up.
She really believes it all and I love the innocence of it all. I know this won’t last forever so I am making the most of it now."

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