Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Very Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and my very, very lovely husband bought me 6 new troll beads - I now have 15 beads and I have only been collecting since Christmas. I love all the different colours and so have chosen beads that I love rather than trying to keep to just one colour scheme. We went into a shop yesterday and I showed James all the beads that I liked and then left him to chose which ones to buy - I never expected 6. It is scary when you start to tot up the value of the bracelet!
My beads left to right are:
Rainbow, Pastel Bud, Flowers, Polka Dot, Peter, Endless, White Diamond, Silver Trace Pink, Black Diamond, Three in One, Carribbean, Lilac Shadow, Z silver bead, an OOAK bead but don't know it's name, Green/Purple Triangle and the clasp is the Dichroic lock. I am one lucky bunny!!!!
I also got an Animal fleece and some money which I am going to buy a flash gun for my camera.
Unfortunately James is on call so I have spent most of the day by myself with Zoe. I have done the weekly shop and cooked a Chilli and a Shepherds Pie for meals for the week.
I am now going to make some cards.


Mary B said...

You are a very lucky girl indeed

Karen said...

Lovely selection of beads Claire :-)

knitkath said...

Bracelet is looking good, when do you start on the necklace?

Katie_S said...

Happy Birthday! Your bracelet is gorgeous!

Shirley said...

Loving those beads Claire... what a lovely DH you have :o)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Claire...Your bracelet is so pretty. Hope you had a lovely evening with James

Jo X