Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 100 - Wednesday 9th April

ENVY - is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation

This is prompt number 100. That means I have been doing this for 100 days and have not missed a single day – YET!!!! Where have 100 days gone?
I am envious of many things in life – not really materialistic things such as other person’s possessions but I am definitely envious of the way people look or are. I would love to be more attractive or slimmer. I guess lots of people feel like this and I know I can do some things to help me look and feel better about myself such as lose weight, wear make up etc.
However the thing that I am most envious of is something that I think you are either born with or without and is not something that you can really learn. You can certainly improve on it with guidance and practice – or so I am hoping as I seem to do a lot of practising, This thing I envy so much is creativeness and the ability that other people have to be able to create and make such beautiful things. They seem to intuitively know exactly what colours go with which and what looks good together. You only have to look at the scrapbook layouts and cards etc on the UK Scrappers website to see a wonderful array of talented people and their crafty wares. Perhaps this is more admiration than envy, but I know I am jealous of their talents and I would love to have half the creativity that some of the people on the website have. I would love to have this innate skill.
I buy endless magazines in the hope that if I look at enough picture of fantastic work something will just click on my head and I will be able to come up with such fantastic pieces of art.


Mary B said...

Oh Claire, you know everyone has the inate ability to be creative, you just have to find yours. It might not be in paper art it may be in cooking, bringing up your DD or something completely different, just seek for it and I am sure you will find it.

Anonymous said...

*Jaw drops to the floor*

Now then, I have seen your work....and sat....and sighed...and wondered how some people seem to just 'get it right'. I think your work is gorgeous. Keep it up. :)

knitkath said...

Your work is lovely Claire, but we are always over critical of things we do ourselves!

willowthewysp said...

Dont put yourself down Claire...everyone is talented in their own way...I for one never put a layout together with matching colours!!!!
You will find a talent that you feel right with...if you havnt already found it.
You are also a very attractive we will have no more of you saying you are not!

Shirley said...

Claire you have some great ideas and have produced some beautiful LO's.
We all get our ideas in different ways sometimes they come quickly and other times they seem to take forever.
Just think that over the past week you have produced those lovely Fairy photos of Zoe, they were amazing and so cute.
I agree with Willow, no more putting yourself down you are a very pretty lady with a great sense of fun.

Steph said...

echo what the others have said.