Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 111 - Sunday 20th April


I wasn’t really sure what this meant so I looked it up in the dictionary:
Temperance - Moderation, self-restraint, in speech, conduct, etc especially in eating and drinking.
I am both guilty and not guilty of this sin depending on what it is relating to. I am guilty (at the moment) in relation to eating and drinking as I am trying to lose weight and I am finding it surprisingly easy not to over eat or to eat bad foods. James ate almost a whole tube of Pringles last night and I was not in the least tempted. It seems weird to say I am “guilty” of temperance when it is a virtue and can you be guilty of something good?
However I am not guilty of temperance in relation to self restraint in other things, mainly in not speaking my mind. This is getting worse with age. God only knows what I will be like by the time I am an OAP!!! A right old battleaxe!!! Perhaps I speak my mind more as I have got older as I am more confident in myself and have stronger views if things have an impact on Zoë.
My worst thing for not keeping my mouth shut is people parking in Mother and Toddler parking bays when they do not have a child in the car. I think I have already journalled about this so I will not go into it, but it does make me speak to the person and ask why they have parked in that bay. I know that in today’s world this probably isn’t a good idea and that I should show some restraint. I would like to have a load of little cards that say something really sarcastic about their actions that I could leave on their windscreens to make them think twice about parking in the bays in the future. I just can’t think of anything suitable – that wouldn’t get me arrested anyway!!!!


willowthewysp said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly on self -restraint! Im the same and sometimes worry what i will be like when im older!!!LOL!

Mary B said...

Good journaling think I would like to have sticker to put on peoples window who park in disabled bays too. that is even more annoying as most disabled people can't walk very far.

Beejay said...

Good one Claire.

knitkath said...

Well said! Yes you do get more confident with age and learn to stand your ground, but always remember to be safe!

Shirley said...

Well said Claire.
Love the photo :)

Kay said...

I agree too, I have the same probbie when taking Mum out with the disabled spaces.

willowthewysp said...

Had to comment again to say..well done on a great photo!(even if you did embarrass your DH!!!)

Steph said...

I agree!!! I wish I had your courage though! I just glare!