Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 115 - Thursday 24th April

“Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there's love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong" - Ella Jane Fitzgerald - Jazz vocalist

I have a dream which I am not sure will ever come into fruition as I just don’t know where to start in making it become a reality.

I would love to have my own craft shop whether it be online or a bricks and mortar shop. I have worked in retail for the last 10 years so I know enough about the retail concepts. I have vast experience of EPOS systems and stock control etc. I have crafting knowledge and spend enough time on UK Scrappers to know what is in fashion and is popular. I have so many ideas about how I would want it to be run, location, styles etc. I have loads of drive and passion for it and I know I could make it a success, but I just don’t have any money to get started or know where to start.
I would love to work for myself.

Now is probably not the right time as Zoë is young and I am not sure that I can spare enough time to make it a success.

It is a dream at the moment, but who knows, maybe one day it will be a reality.


Kay said...

What a lovely photo, and a great dream. I hope you do try it and make a reall success of it I promise to be a loyal customer!!!

Mary B said...

What a great dream and I do think there will come a time that is right and you will realise that dream.

Lovely photo of you today just right for the prompt

knitkath said...

Don't give up on your dream, with some hard work too it can become reality! Wishing you all the best for it! Nice pic of you!

Shirley said...

Dreams can become reality sometimes Claire and I really do hope that yours will happen for you one day.

Beautiful photo of you today.