Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 105 - Monday 14th April

SLOTH - is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work

Since I have become a mum and returned to work I don’t really have the time or the opportunity to avoid physical work. In the evenings, I do like to sit down and relax with the telly on and my laptop on so that I surf around the UK Scrappers website.
I would love to get a lie in but this is no longer possible as Zoë gets up before 8am and then I have to get up. I think I could count the amount of lie ins I have had since she was born on one hand. I do try to let James sleep in at the weekend. I find that I quite like to get up with Zoë on a weekend as she will play and it gives me a chance to catch up with printing photos and my journal pages out.
The most slothful person in our house is our cat Molly. She likes to go out during the day and then in the evenings she likes to come into the warm and snuggle up somewhere comfy. She is either in her radiator bed or on the bean bag fast asleep. I don’t know how she sleeps through all the noise Zoë makes or when Zoë piles her books and jigsaws on top of her.


Mary B said...

What a gorgeous cat

knitkath said...

Oh to be a cat, lol! Great pic! Your turn will come for lie ins!

willowthewysp said...

Awwww..she is beautiful! I would love to have a cat, but that is one animal i will never convince DH to get!!:(

Shirley said...

Lovely picture of a very slothful cat, I could never get our cat to sleep in the radiator bed we had for him!!!!

Kay said...

Oh she looks lovely and such a fab temperament too is she puts up with being piled on! Fab pic.