Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 94 - Thursday 3rd April


I have really struggled with this prompt today as I didn’t want to do the obvious things but I just can’t think of anything other than...
... Some smells are nice. I love the smell of perfumes, my favourite being Nina Ricci’s Apple. I love the smell of fresh flowers as long as it isn’t lavender. I love the smell of washing that has been dried outside. However there are other smells that I really cannot stomach and one of these is coffee.
We often get given samples at work and the other day I got some fresh ground coffee. It is called Grumpy Mule and I knew just the person for it. James really likes coffee. So I bought it home along with a Cafetiere. Whilst making him the coffee I was almost gagging as the coffee has such a strong odour to me.
Needless to say he loved it and now I have to live with the horrible smell everyday. Even taking this photo was horrible.


knitkath said...

You are an angel to make your dh coffee if you can't stand the smell! Good pic!

Beejay said...

Oh dear that must be hard. Well done you.

Mary B said...

Well done on giving your DH what he really love but you abhor

Shirley said...

Claire you really deserve a medal to put yourself through this!
I bet James really appreciates it though :)