Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 107 - Wednesday 16th April


This is an interesting prompt for today. The further I have got into this 365 challenge, the more I realise that I am doing it for Zoe to read when she is older. For her to see the type of person I am and where she comes from. So from this angle, today’s prompt has got to be about my hopes for Zoe. I have different hopes for the different stages of her life.
Right now, I hope she is happy and feels secure in her life. I hope I am bringing her correctly and she doesn’t think I am too strict. I hope she is always kind to everyone and is sharing and giving to her nursery friends.
Whilst at school, I hope she doesn’t get bullied or even worse be the bullier! I hope she is popular and makes good friends that last a lifetime and that she enjoys school life and does well.
I hope she has a good career where she is happy doing whatever she choses to do and she is successful at it.
I hope she finds a wonderful man who will look after her and care for her the rest of their lives and that they have a beautiful family and find all the happiness that I have found in my family.
I hope that she has a long and happy life and achieves everything that she wants to achieve.

And most of all I hope she hopes for the same!


Mary B said...

Good journaling and a very thoughtful and serene photograph of you I like that one very much

knitkath said...

That is a beautiful photo of you, as Mary said, very serene! Your hopes for Zoe are just what they should be!

Kay said...

What fantastic journalling Claire, I'm sure we all share your hopes for all our children!

Shirley said...

Lovely photo Claire and beautiful journalling with your hopes for Zoe.