Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 154 - Monday 2nd June

"They thing that makes me different, are the things that make me me" - Winnie the Pooh
What makes you YOU?

My answer to this question is very different now to how I would have answered it a couple of years ago. I think what makes me me now is my daughter. I know I have totally changed since she was born. I no longer think of me but now I think of her and then me as an us. Everything I want to do or get down I have to think how it affects Zoƫ and that will affect whether I do it or get it.
When I am feeling a bit sorry for myself, I find this hard but the majority of the time, I think of it as an honour to be a mum to such a beautiful and amazing little girl. She has truly made my life complete.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

great journaling :) and lol at the pic

knitkath said...

Brilliantly said, love the pic!

Mary B said...

That photo made me laugh you look like a fish lol
Good journaling though

willowthewysp said...

Great photo!!
Love the journalling is obvious just how much you adore your little girl:)

malaryush said...

Scary photo! And woderful sentiments - I know just what you mean about children changing so much about who you feel you are.