Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 177 - Wednesday 25th June

"See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil"

The saying is typically associated with three monkeys one covering his eyes, one covering his ears, and the other covering his mouth it is believed that the saying may have its origin in a 17th century temple in Japan.

This prompt is very apt for me today as this morning I went mad.
ZoĆ« really played up this morning on everything. From the moment she woke up this morning she was in a foul mood and she wouldn’t let me do anything. I only just about got a nappy on her but trying to get her dressed was another matter completely. I could feel myself getting madder and madder with her and I tried shutting her in her room, which normally brings her out of one of her strops – but no this didn’t work. In the end I told her she would have to go to nursery in just her nappy. I did manage to get her trousers on but I gave up on shoes.
I am ashamed to say she saw evil, heard evil and I spoke evil.


knitkath said...

Don't you just love kids, they always know which buttons to push! great pic!

Kay said...

Love the pic, don't worry Claire they have to do this to experience that you still love them regardless of the fact you can get cross with them, IYSWIM.

malaryush said...

We all have those days - frustrating, embarrassing and just plain horrible. At least they haslp us to appreciate the great days more

Beejay said...

She's two then. No need for any other explanation.