Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 160 - Sunday 8th June

Smiling - Sweet dizzy girl you make me always smiling. I like: gingerbread and tap dancing

Zoë has had a fantastic time on her holiday. She has been pretty well behaved – although she did have her moments when we wondered why we had taken her on holiday at her age. Once I had to take her up to bed as she played up so much at breakfast. I know she had very little sleep and her routine had been totally messed up. However, then one little smile from her and I had to force myself to be stern with her and stick to my guns. On the whole she was good.
This photo was taken on our last evening in her favourite part of the hotel – the playground where she would would smile all the time.

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Mary B said...

Such a beautiful photo of you both and such lovely smiles